Spotlight on HER!


Tragische Neuigkeiten von Her: Bassist und Sänger Simon Carpentier ist am vergangenen Sonntag nach langer Erkrankung seinem Krebsleiden erlegen. Bandkollege und Freund Victor Solf veröffentlichte auf facebook folgendes Statement:

It is with a heavy heart that we write this post today. Simon left us Sunday evening after years of fighting against cancer. He fought like a lion till the very end and the messages of encouragement and love that you all communicated to him, whether while he was on stage or in person, gave him the strength to hold on. Concerts were his vital strength and the reason why he kept on fighting as long as he did. Thank you all so much. Simon was my best friend, my colleague, my brother in arms. Together we made a promise. We promised to continue step by step on this incredible adventure. Today I carry his legacy within me and it is my wish as well as the wish of the entire Her team to continue to bring our music along as far as possible. We will continue performing and thus we will be at Rock en Seine. We are also finishing our first album: for him, for us and for you all. My deepest and most profound wish is to make him proud and to follow through with this dream we’ve shared for 10 years now. All our thoughts, as yesterday and tomorrow, are with his family and loved ones.

Unser Mitgefühl gilt Familie und Freunden des Musikers.

Felix Goth

Hört Musik aus jedem Genre, weil es überall was zu entdecken gibt - und wenn es nur die Faszination am Absurden ist.

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